World Records


Cor Keus during his bluefin tuna fishing career, captured 3 world records. First, held the world record for 80lbs with a fish that weigh 1010 caught by angler Monty Drummond from South Africa. The next notable charter was from Pomona California with angler Dr. Jack Steffey who broke that record with a 1055 pound giant bluefin tuna, then Mr. Steffey again broke that record with another giant of 1116 pound bluefin tuna which record still stand today. Captain Cor Keus and Mr. Steffey from 1967 to the late 80’s were famous for saltwater sports fishing in the Seven Seas, South Africa, Austria, New Zealand , Urkaine , USA, and South America – the list went on and so did his big fish experience.


Cor Keus held the world record on 130lbs test line weighing in at 1235 lbs, and the angler was Micheal Macdonald, then the record was broke by our good buddy Ken Fraser weighing in at 1496 pounds. Ken has a book out called “possessed“, this book has more info about these records.


In 1986 Cor keus landed the last tuna in North Lake weighing in at 1248 pounds caught by angler Larry Manransky of New York, then there wasn’t another caught until 1995 and it was Captian Cor Keus and his son Bruce Keus who caught the first one in 1995 weighing in at 813 pounds, and ever since then tuna have been back in record numbers.



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