My job is to provide you with photographs that commemorate your tuna fishing trip with North Lake Charters. You can’t be expected to capture high-quality images when you, your family, and/or your buddies are fast tied in to a 1,000 pound bluefin.

I will provide you with a variety of photographs that capture the day’s sights, activities, and events. Below is a shot list of the types of photographs you can expect to receive as well as a set of example photographs:

-Action (battle shots, feeding frenzies, bait fishing)

-Details (equipment, food, fish colour patterns)

-Techniques (setting kites, rigging mackerel, chumming)

-Candid pictures and portraits

-Scenery and wildlife (seascapes, birds, marine mammals)

Cost and Add-Ons

You can expect to receive the following.

-100+ high resolution digital photographs

-One (1) 25 page, full colour photo book

Our base price is.

-$500 for a full day charter

-$250 for a half-day charter

Any package can be customized. Add-ons include…

-Additional photo books

-Prints (traditional lustre paper or modern, ready-to-hang metal)

If interested, please contact Sean Landsman at